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Washing and Ironing of Textiles, Offer Basic Services Business

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New solutions in the Enterprise

There are already entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, students with uniform, executive, among others, all have the daily need of clothing and therefore own clean and well ironed clothes that provide the presentation that we need in each work that we play, however, the occupations is not allowing us to do this task, at least not for everyone at home.  This type of business proposes to offer the service of washing and ironing of textiles in a way that, with the necessary equipment, we can thereof provide the service ourselves  or with staff agreement.

How to start?  Let’s see:

Analyzes market study

The market will allow us to know if the business that we plan to install conceivably arise according to what the public needs, if there is already a similar business or if people can hire or take themselves. These are guidelines that also allow us to take another series of aspects into account to open the service.

How the Business Works Presentation

Focusing on the core business: washing and ironing, will define the way in which this will take place. You can choose for example: washing and ironing at home with computers:

-Customers carry items

-Domicile of garments to customers

-Additional services: arrangement of garments

Create a Business Plan

In this document we will collect everything related to what we offer and how we will do, taking into account the initial objectives, the amount of investment, materials and equipment, advertising processes and others. It must be the following:

Business Constitution: name of company, mission, vision and objectives in the short and medium term, description of the operation of the business.  

Study of the market: competitors, weaknesses, strengths, supply and demand.

Place: According to the mode in which you decide to operate, it will be your place. You can or not, have a place open to the public undertake from home or with rental or purchase of premises that will allow you to install the equipment you’ll need. Make sure you have the necessary space and services suitable for this.  –Resources and materials: You need at least one washing machine and iron industry which initially we find easily in small formats. We will also need other elements such as hooks for clothes, packing material to protect, chairs, among others.  

Staff: Initially, we recommend at least having a person as an aid to business, this if you plan to work directly in it or focus on hiring staff.

-Business promotion: Once we have everything ready, must choose promotion strategies which we will use to publicize the business, such as: flyers, notices, a visible name, and other advertising techniques.  

Investment: Based on the above points and making a quote above all material and resources to every aspect, gather the required amount, which must be in the same dimension of our capital money to distribute it properly.

How much could I charge?

The fee for this type of business can be calculated from the services that you offer, the type and size of the garment, plus find out what are the prices that are settled in the market so this may give you a rounded idea how much to charge and not  overdo limits or charge very little for the service.

Obstacles that may appear: It is important to have knowledge in the area in which you will operate in such a way that you follow each process specifically according to the garment service, since otherwise we could have incidents by the types of fabric dealing with poor service for the customer.  

Final recommendation: To draw the attention of the target public, initially, can perform different actions of advertising, such as promos two per one (2×1), discounts for first customers, days in the week offers, among others. Also, don’t forget to have a visible showing passers-by business that indicate them what you are offering there.