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30 businesses to Invest Between 1000 and 5000 USD EUR

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Profitable business with more investment

Increasingly more people are looking for work and financial independence so lean to the search for an idea of profitable business with which to start, however, often they do not choose the correct according to their conditions and preferences, resulting in the loss of the investment. So for this should not be your case, and you invest your money properly, this time we are introducing you with 30 business ideas to invest between 1,000 and 5,000 USD that you should consider to properly direct your money to the pursuit of productivity and profitability.  For sure you will find more than one idea that call your attention, so you choose very well before you start. Remember that at the end of every business idea you will find a complete article with all the steps and tips you need to know to start it.

Sale and Production of Agricultural Products

Agricultural products have a high demand especially areas in which do not occur, as well as the public at large for consumption. So, if you like this type of food businesses, and if the area in which you live has good conditions for the crop, this type of business is for you.

How does it works: In an area suitable for cultivation you will be able to carry out the production of various agricultural products that can be planted according to the soil conditions. You can sell to the retail or to the wholesale, this depends on the level of production that is reached.

Problems that may occur: If you don’t have knowledge or a close person who can guide you with the crop, this will not be feasible. You will have to invest in products for fertilization and other processes.  

Tips: It is extremely important that you secure the conditions suitable for the production, they must be governed by the highest standards marked by your location area regulation agencies. To learn more about this type of business, go to the following link: cultivation of agricultural products business

Laundry service and ironing of textiles

With the daily occupations, there is many people that not even have time to fix, wash and iron their clothes, as the uniform for classes, office suits and other necessary items daily. Here is where comes the laundry service and ironing. You can rent a small shop or offer it at home if you have good visibility to pedestrians.

How does it works: Your business will take care of washing and ironing textiles provided by your clients, remember that it can be any of them or either to specialize in lingerie home or clothing. Part of the investment will be destined to appliances such as washing machines and irons. The knowledge you can acquire could be the most basic and slowly have better and even hiring personnel.  

Obstacles that may appear: You should know about garments management and thereby the handling of the products that we use for cleaning, this will prevent possible incidents with textiles.  

Tips: Business promotion. If you want to know the channels of advertising and promotion, as well as the specific steps to start, then click on the following link to see the full section: business of washing and ironing of textiles.

Assembling a Photography Studio

If you are good at taking photos and want to specialize and improve your skill, then you could devote yourself easily to be a photographer of a variety of social events such as parties, celebrations, birthdays, meetings, and so on. However, you can also have staff that takes care of this by mounting a photography studio where customers can go and where do all the photo editing process.

How does it works: With your study of photography and by contract, you are going to offer the service of photography for different types of orders, whether curriculum photographs, social events, and so on.  In your study, you can make all the processes of editing and shooting, if your customers prefer so.  

Possible costs: Purchase of equipment for photography, shelves for frames with pictures and decoration of the place, waiting chairs, catalogue of pictures,  space rental  and business promotion.  

Problems that may arise: It is a fact that after the event photographer is committed to deliver the already published images and physicals, which must be of the best quality. So that will be a problem if you don’t have any knowledge or general in editing so at least you have  to hire personnel with knowledge to deal with this.

Final piece of advice: You should reinforce your skills and practice your shots even with your cell phone camera, use some free resources for your education and promote yourself afterwards with various mechanisms that you will see in the full section by clicking here: business of photography

Mannequins Rental Fashion Business

Dummies are used in the textile sector to the promotion and exhibition of a wide variety of accessories and clothing, underwear and lingerie, costumes, elegant, casual clothing, and so on. However, not all businesses need them all the time, so they opt for the rental of mannequins.

How does it works: To start, it is necessary to invest in the purchase of mannequins, in a variety of styles, genres and formats that can be essentially useful for any business requiring it.  

Possible costs: Purchase of mannequins in various forms, shuttle service for their displacement, possibly a small office or virtual catalog of products that can see customers and business promotion.

Possible disadvantages: With the rental businesses, it is necessary to establish agreements for possible damage and contingencies that may occur, in this case, the mannequins.  

Tip: Get a good advertising and learn everything you need to create this kind of business, are the main keys to grow and monetize it, therefore we leave here the full section: rental of mannequins

Open a Nursery Business with Children

When parents work all day, are in need of finding a place to leave their children while they are not at home for their care and entertainment, so it is where the daycare would be born as a business. This business requires legal permits and a home to operate. We devote ourselves to the work or hire someone to be responsible.

How does it works: in a place available in your home zone or an area, which you can rent you will open the nursery.

To this need: kitchen, bathrooms and an area in which the children can remain most of the time. You will also need to furnish your nursery with materials like: tables, chairs, toys, books, school supplies, among others.

Likely cost: organizing  the area of the nursery, toys for children, mats, shelves for toys, games for kids, utensils of food for children, food for children, legal permits and publicity for the nursery.  

Potential obstacles: If you don’t have experience in this type of business is necessary to search very well before you start. This, because not having trained staff to offer this service and who knows the business, could be a factor of disadvantage that could easily end in negative consequences for our business.

Tips: Since we do not know at what point a child may have a health problem (but you must however be prepared) is of great importance to enable us to an emergency of this kind and ensure the safety of each of the children. To know how to promote this type of business, follows the full article here: open a nursery

Setting up a Neighborhood Store at Home or a Mini Store

To set up a business as a neighborhood store, it’s not necessary to be located in a central location and at high influence  of the public, since this type of business are essentially required by the residents of the sector, so it is advisable to find an area to as far as possible or not very near other shops with similar products.

How does it work: Choose a sector of the market. Local shops that have greater demand include: Stationers, drug stores (with qualified personnel), grocery stores and staples, among others. You can use your house or you rent an area where you can operate within a neighbourhood.  

Possible costs: Purchase of products to the supplier, shelves for items, decoration of the place, register machine, refrigerators for products (optional), personnel payment  and promotion of business and advertising.  

Problems that may occur: A large part of the investment will go to the products you are going to sell, however, many entrepreneurs make the mistake of focusing only on a series of products in particular buying in a disproportionate way without by full on demand of the public, resulting in a bad investment of capital money.

Tips: It is important that, although neighborhoods in any type of business is profitable, consider which sectors are more popular and in this sense, are those which are not yet the sufficiently close of residents to make offers to the public. Then, why is it important to study the market? read our full article at the following link: neighborhood shop or convenience store

Specializing Center in Nail Grooming

As well as other areas of care, the market has experienced strong demand for services focused on the arrangement and nail care, especially exercised by women but also for men, therefore this is why services of this sector are increasingly profitable.

How does it works: If your home accounts with a location open to pedestrians you can open this business, but you can also rent premises for this purpose. You need to have the skills needed to mount this type of business, or at least the basic and hiring staff specialized in this. You can offer different services of treatment and nail care for your customers, as well as products you can also sell and increase your income.  

Possible costs: Purchase of equipment for nail care, nails drying machine, nail colors, formats and different styles, tables and chairs for manicure, instruments for cleaning nails, machine for decoration, nail filing machine, creams moisturizers, treatments for hands, nail acrylic products, exfoliating hand, legal permits, promotion and publicity for the business.

Difficulties that may arise: Every day the fashion world launches new trends, especially when it comes to personal care, so it occurs in the nail born designs, decorations and new techniques that all want to use, therefore if you does not keep track of them you may lose customers.  

Tips: In addition of being aware of new trends, remember that the quality of service and products that you use depends on the experience of each one of the clients, so we recommend to invest in quality products that your customers will be happy to use.  To learn more about this business, go to the following link: assemble a nail grooming business

Green and Organic Food, Business

In addition to the appeal resulting to buy food and practical food for consumption, nowadays more and more people are seeking healthy, ecological food. It is a field that we must certainly take into account if it draws our attention for the food industry is clear,  a new and profitable business alternative.

How does it work: In a small room, with everything you need for practical food preparation, you will have shelves and counters with products such as salads, sandwiches, cookies, healthy burgers and other products that we sell at affordable prices to attract customers.  

Possible costs: Buy or rent of the premises, purchase of shelves, cabinets, products for the preparation of meals, register machine, purchase of utensils to prepare, basic machines, clothing, chairs and tables (optional), promotion and advertising business.  

Problems that may arise: Many people still refrain from consuming organic or healthy food by the false belief that it is expensive and its flavor is not nice, so it is a key to eradicating this type of thoughts.

Key: To solve the situation, we must be very clear with the business advertising, invite the customer to enter to try delicious foods that you prepare in your place. To learn more, read the full article here: assemble a local organic food

All at One dollar Shop ($1 or 1 euro), Low-cost Business Option

One of the emerging businesses with greater demand and productivity in recent years have been all to 1 euro, or all 1 dollar stores which have been great welcoming to the public especially for the variety of products that can be purchased at low cost. This type of business can open independently or with a franchise, which would be a good choice to start.

How does it works: Usually this type of business operated as a franchise. We begin with the search for a venue that has considerable space according to the amount of products we are going to acquire.  Initially you could  take it for rent, this should be set by the franchise if you choose this option. There, we open our store with the items of greatest need of the public.

Possible costs: Rent of the premises, franchise: initial investment, royalties, among others, independent: purchase of products, place decoration and business promotion.

Possible disadvantages that might arise: Competition for this type of business is one of the aspects that you should consider more, since in the market you will find different types of business competition which will compete with you, among which are: supermarkets, small markets or those working with the same method.

Tips: The variety of products makes this type of business substantially increased its income, however, it is important to have in mind the initial capital money to avoid wasting it in not demanded products but to purchase those that are more popular and tailored to your growth, so you can go acquiring more. To learn more about this business, go to the following link: shop around 1 euro

Inflatable Toys Rental Business Opportunity

One of the fields with more opportunities for new entrepreneurs, are the areas related to children, especially in the entertainment, no doubt they are activities that get the attention of the children at first glance. Among them, inflatable toys are the most attractive for the children and one of the most profitable.

How does it works: With the purchase or the rent to entertainment of inflatable toys of different sizes and formats (for girls and boys and unisex), the instruments necessary for its functioning and other elements, we should put them in a park or area that allows us to install the game and establish a fee for the time in which the children are enjoying the game.  

Possible disadvantages: Permits for the use of public areas is one of the most important operating requirements, since the invasion of these areas without a certificate could be a real problem for those who live there  and submit complaints, in addition to the competent authorities of the place. It is also important to have an insurance that covers you in case of problems in the game and accidents.

Tips: The application of fees and time of each child’s play must be calculated  according to the general rates charged on the market, the type of blown game you have, the area, the demand of the public, among other variables. But you need to learn more about your business, so go to the following link where you’ll see the full article: rental of inflatable toys

Sale of products to quit smoking

Tobacco dependence is one among the 10 most common death causes, due to the risk of smoking, many consumers are becoming more interested in leave it, however, still costs them and/or do not know how to begin to do so.  Therefore, in addition to creating a profitable business the sale of these products is contributing to the quitting of consumption in active smokers.

How does it works: There are several types of products to quit smoking, as: electronic cigarettes, drugs (nicotine patches, nicotine gum, nasal sprays and so on), natural remedies such as infusions, books, audios, what you can do is to contact suppliers of these items and sell them over the internet or by catalogue at home.  

Possible costs: Purchase of the products to the wholesale, construction of an (optional) catalog, participation on the Internet (paid advertising), permissions (likely) performance, promotion and publicity for the business.  

Difficulties that may arise: For the use of a certain product, in some areas, requires the diagnosis from a physician according to the condition or the level of consumption that a person, so it is necessary, in some cases, having an expert header.

Tips: In addition to having an expert and investigate in-depth the use and sale of certain types of articles to quit smoking  like medicines, it is necessary to work very well in the promotion of business to achieve a broad reach in the market. Visit the full article here: selling products to quit smoking

Home Repair Service Company

If we have knowledge and skills for any service or process that is necessary for many people, why not turn it into an active and take advantage of it? This business is to offer repair service, whether it be a house, a building, a restaurant, and so on. You can work directly in it or you can hire someone to be responsible for the work and work for you. All you need is a Kit of tools, and machinery repairs.

How does it works: You need specialized personnel in areas: bricklayer, gas, electricity, carpentry and other very needy general skills. This service will be offered to different fields and is necessary to have our own tools. If possible, we can buy or rent a means of transport, such as a bicycle, that will allow us to arrive on time for the area in which the service is required.  

Possible costs: Purchase of Tool kit for each type of service, machines for household and special repairs, personnel payment, clothing, promotion and advertising.

Problems that may occur: You must be able to generate invoice, since many problems arise in this type of business because sometimes the prices remain unclear for the service or add more arrays that are not included in the initial price.

Keys: It is necessary that in addition to provide a bill of quotation about the service that you are offering, so you give a guarantee arrangement, that allows to create trust with the client which is one of the key aspects of this type of business, also another issue to take into consideration is a registered company. To learn more about it, click here: home repair service

Sound and lighting for party rental business

This is a business which profitability and productivity can be seen at any time of the year, as the need for sound and lighting can be seen in all types of parties, events, and celebrations. These articles are linked to hire largely because those who need them infrequently are private and a non-participating market.

Description: It is important to have some knowledge or at least resort to consultation with someone who has experience on the use of this type of elements so that at the time of purchase, we choose the best quality for this type of business equipment. Then, it will be matter of search partnering with related sectors to get more customers and promote it.

Possible costs: Purchase of equipment for sound and lighting, rental of transportation (optional),  load  staff and business promotion.

Obstacles that may appear: The process of reaching customers might be slow, which would delay the investment. It is likely that in a short time you should increase investment to acquire a means of transport renting for the equipment.

Tips: Please note that the results do not come in immediately. So you should works with dedication in the promotion of the business so that people everywhere know you, rent and recommend you. To see this complete business, it continues here: sound and lighting rental shop

Start a 24-hour Self-service Laundry

Problems such as the economic crises, the lack of time and the number on growth of young student, makes this type of business one of the sectors in trend with more profitability of the market to which entrepreneurs increasingly pay more attention. How does it works: Start with a rental place if you don’t have one at your disposal, which will be the area that will be used to open the self-service laundry. We will install there washing machines with which we are going to start, in addition to adapt the workplace to provide a 24 hours service.  

Possible costs: Purchase or rental place, buying washing machines, decoration and adequacy of space, utility payment, purchase of safety and business promotion.  

Problems that may occur: The failure in a washing machine caused by improper or incorrect use, and even by some other processes that affect its operation is one of the problems that less customers attract, besides you must provide any  activity as customers wait.

Tips: In order to entertain your customers while they are waiting, you can install  any TV set, put WiFi free for customers, have magazines and others that make more comfortable the waiting. To learn more about this business, continue reading here: open a laundromat

Pet Food Shop as a Business

The ease and low cost that owners of pet people can buy food for teammates is one of the strongest reasons that allow the profitability for pet food premises, since it is a frequent and varied shopping that also can take advantage and sell food supplements.

How does it work: You can put even this business at home if you have a good location to which potential customers can get the product,  or rent a small place to settle the business with foods of different brands to pets such as dogs, cats, fish and birds, that  have the respective nutrition power elements to your customers.  

Possible costs: Purchase or rented place, conditioning the space, decoration of the place, drawers and shelves for food, packages of food to the wholesale products and business promotion.  

Problems that may occur: Avoid limits of your products and foods that you sell, for customers like the variety and also been able to choose and,  so many of them even look for specific brands for pets, also take into account the investment capital money. Equally, take very well care of food expiration dates.

Key: In addition to the food pet shop, we recommend selling another series of articles and pet products that will appeal to your customers and increase your revenue, such as: clothing, coats, pets, snacks, among others. To learn more about this business,  click here: open a pet food store

Sweets, Snacks and Drinks Spending Machines

This is one of the more comfortable for those who don’t want to do so much work but still, with a considerable investment to open a profitable business. The key is to purchase spending machines of different products, sweets, drinks or snacks to boost the expansion of the business and diversify the investment.

Description: Once you have part of the investment to purchase the spending machines, you have to search potential areas where your machine can be productive, seeks space very crowded by pedestrians of all ages. Remember that you must keep them filled.

Possible costs: Purchase for spending machines, rent payment of the operative zone, supplying products and business promotion.

Difficulties that may arise: Insecurity is often a factor to consider with spending machines, especially if they are located in public places, so the best is to settle in areas supervised and private to prevent criminal acts.

Tips: Basically in the machine will happen the throughout shopping process, so it is necessary to keep a regular review on the operation of them to avoid and prevent the output of the product, withholding money or do not permit the entry. To learn more, go to the following link: sweets, snacks and drinks spending machines business

Sale and Purchase of Chinese Products to Retail and Wholesale

China is one of the largest producers of articles, and sell their items to the wholesale so it is not very difficult to access them. On the other hand, the import of products is a simple process, since we don’t have register as an authorized importer, although then, if you want to increase and expand your business, this process may be necessary for larger purchases.

Description: You need to research the market to find out which products bring initially and are in demand, then we register on an electronic platform on the Internet and do a selection of articles that we could sell in the area at lowest price. Evaluate the market conditions.  

Possible costs: Purchase of imported goods, costs of shipping (on occasions), potential costs of imports and business promotion.

Problems that may arise: If you do not choose correctly products you will sell and inquire about costs they bring, it is possible that you are spending more than planned on the investment, so it is suggested to study each purchase and shipment process, according to the market.  

Tips: It is recommended to start with small orders of items and products previously studied in order to test their potential in the market in which we plan to install business. To learn more about this business, we invite you to follow the full article: purchase and sale of chinese products

Economic franchise from home

The franchises are one of the methods most chosen when opening a business, as free the entrepreneur position the brand to be a recognized and popular company among the public that customers will not be afraid to visit. Among the sectors best qualified, are: food cart, services assistant, services of cleaning, domestic savings products, real estate, comprehensive services to address, among others.  Description: Franchises offer a variety of initial prices depending on the capacity and the format you want to use. The franchise started at home are an excellent business opportunity for people who want to save the purchase or rental of a room and start a profitable business.

Possible costs: Initial investment to acquire the franchise, canon and royalties (optional).  

Problems that may occur: certain costs and commissions can begin to operate after releasing the business according to the contract with the franchise, as in the case of advertising rates.

Tips: It is ideal to choose a franchise which field we like and wish to work with, then certainly this is the secret of success to its operation. Don’t forget previously search the business, for which you will find more information in the following article: opening a franchise from home

Start a Business with a Mechanical Workshop

Currently, the demand for transport services is strongly growing, since more and more people choose to have their means of mobilization without relying on public transport. You can set up this business direct by having staff in a small place initially.

Description: Conditioning a house as a workshop area or by renting a small shop which is overlooking to neighbors and passersby, you can assemble the mechanical workshop. To do this we find a company or wholesaler that can supply us with the necessary tools, machinery and accessories for the process.

Possible costs: Purchase of hand and power tools, rental and refurbishment of the premises, payment of staff, permits and registration of business, decoration, advertising and business promotion.  

Problems that can occur: One of the most common mistakes that tend to drop new business of workshops, is offering various types of services and set aside the rapid action to a common problem urgently needed by a client especially if you count with a small place, since it occupies the space that several urgent problems customers may be using.  

Tips: The area in which we are placing our mechanical workshop is a substantial factor for the arrival of customers, since you need to install it in a high traffic area, so advertising is a fundamental process. Read the full article here: open your automotive mechanic workshop

Drones Rental and Sales

The drones are one of the relatively recent technological devices that has revolutionized and improved many of the activities formerly carried out in various fields. Its help has made that they become necessary, so it is one of the best options to buy and put them for rent.  

Description: what we will do will be acquiring the drones, preferably with installed cameras to offer in rent for sectors such as surveillance, communication for taking videos, among other fields that may need them.  

Possible costs: Purchase of drones, maintenance and revision of devices and business promotion.

Problems that may occur: There are many legal requirements and legal conditions that we must take into account for the use of such devices. In addition to this, the failures are very common and can cause major problems.  

Tips: It is extremely important to know the legal regulations governing on this type of appliances to use in our city and region. In addition to this, we also recommend ensuring use for which will be rented the drone. Don’t forget to visit the tips we have for you in the following article: open a business of drones

Rooms for Rent, Accommodation Business

If you have one or more rooms in your home, you should consider this idea that could give you money. Accommodation services are not only directed to travelers, but also college students, temporary workers, merchants, and so on. Unlike a hotel, accommodation is a rent in a family house that could offer other services.  Description: In addition to the rental of the room, we can offer other services such as the Internet, food (breakfast, lunch or meal), furnished the place, cleaning and toilet in the room, among others.

Possible costs: Purchase of furniture, household appliances (TV, radio) preparation and arrangement of infrastructure products for the (optional) power and advertising of room.

Difficulties that may arise: With this type of business we are open to any kind of people interested in the rented place  and therefore perhaps the danger of rent to a person who carries out illegal activities is possible.  

Tips: Before delivering the keys to the room, take care that your tenant has all their documents up to day and guarantees been who they say are. We also recommend the installation of security systems in place to prevent from happening criminal events within the home. To learn more about this business, visit the full article here: rooms for rent

Tattoos and Piercings, Artistic Business

Tattoos and piercings are one of the most common practices today, a cultural trend that has come to stay and has been alive for generations. Therefore if you have artistic abilities in this field, you should consider opening your own place of tattoos and piercings.  

Description: You can star in a room of your house if it is located in a very busy and with high youth audience, then you will install your business. You could set the area and should have in mind the requirements that exist for this type of business in matters of  health and safety.

Possible costs: conditioning of the premises or rental premises, furniture tattoos, supplies and machines for tattooing, tools for making holes, cleaning products and machines for sterilizations, chairs, entertainment devices, decoration and promotion of the place.

Possible drawbacks: Many people do not notice it and end up being allergic to tattoo ink and even develop problems once they are drilled by different factors, so it is necessary to be prepared and have a first aid kit on hand for emergencies.  

Tips: If you have staff in your place, make sure that they are professionals and comply with the requirements of operation, as well as all of them should also be subject to the place of operation. To learn how to promote your business, press click on the following link: tattoo shop

Mobile Restaurant, Food Businesses

Also known as a food truck, or mobile restaurants are one of the fashion business more profitable food in different continents, since their displacement allows that you can install your restaurant  in any area, especially in places with high traffic where there is no presence of local restaurants or other food business and where it is possible to get customers.

How does it works: choose a type of products to develop and sell. You can buy a trailer depending on the product, already manufactured which can range from $1,700 or acquire a food truck already equipped. Preferably with another person within the food truck you must prepare food for customers looking for an area where you can install the business.

Possible costs: Purchase of a scooter with cabin for transport (optional) trailer,  purchase of products for preparing food, cleaning products, instruments of cooking, clothing, chairs or benches, permissions, promotion and advertising.

Conflicts that could arise: You need to have a permission to use the space, especially if it is a public area, since if you do business with the owner of a private area you  just have to pay  a rental.

Key: One of the secrets of performance of this type of business is the location and the product, so you must make a search in the market where we will know what is the most sought-after and influence areas. Learn more about this business here: mobile restaurant or food truck

Home or Rented Travel Agency

At end of year, weekends, holidays and special dates and any other occasion can be good for a trip, so is run to open travel agencies as the first resources to people interested in leave home. This is a type of business that you can start as a franchise or setting up your own travel agency.  

How does it work: Once you have the kind of agency that you want to be clear about (of companies, to third parties, individuals, regional, and son) is time to get in touch with tour companies, hotels, transportation services and others to negotiate the packages that you can offer and your commissions. You can assemble a small shop or winterizing a house area.

Possible costs: refurbishment of the area or rent/buy place, material office, tables and chairs, computer, telephony, place, promotion and advertising of business decoration service.  

Problems that can occur: In principle, many people just rely on new agencies, so it is necessary that you start to gain their trust participating in organizations and companies in the sector to gain visibility and reach customers by references.  

Tips: Before selecting your sector to operate, we recommend searching trends in the market, the most visited areas by the residents of your sector. These and more tips you’ll see in this full article: open a travel agency

Perfume Sale, Invests in Beauty

Beauty and personal care products are one of the businesses with increased demand, because we all want to see and smell well, so the sale of imported perfumes can be a very profitable business idea if you focus on the most recognized brands in commerce.  

Description: With an eye on the best suppliers in the market we will initiate our business to bring the most popular perfumes in the local market. An important part of imported quality perfumes we can find them in Peru, Chile and United States.  Possible costs: purchase of imported perfumes, import and product promotion costs.

Difficulties that may arise: The purchase of perfume can be a process that takes much of the investment and on occasions this must also be subject to taxes at customs for each order.  

Tips: The ideal is to make an analysis of the market not only to identify the brands and products with increased demand, but also to evaluate the best suppliers before you buy perfumes. To learn more about this business, go to the following link: sale of perfumes

Arrangement and Sale of Mobile Phone Accessories

Mobile phones today are one of the most essential for people, which has opened you space to all kinds of businesses that have relationships with them, in this case, the maintenance and arrangement of devices, which includes also the accessories enclosures, covers and other accessories for phones. You need to have knowledge in this type of process in depth, or meet business basically and hire specialized staff.  

How does it works: With the rental of premises, which should not be very large, you are going to start the business. We need different hand tools to fix devices and accessories that we sell, as well as decoration and appearance of the place where we go to work.

Possible costs: Buy or rent of premises, purchase of tools of array of phones, parts, accessories, casings, covers and phone accessories, paid staff, shelves for items, decoration of the place and business promotion.  

Problems that can occur: The basis of your service rests in the quality of the arrangements and the service that customers receive with your premise, so you must have the knowledge necessary to identify problems or to have qualified expertise  for this, however, is essential to also have a knowledge of it.  

Key: You must have a quality service that provide the customer what they need with arrangements, products and parts of the highest quality. This is why you have to search the best suppliers for each of the items you need to have on hand, for this and more, you should visit the following article with full business: arrangement of phones and accessories for sale

Pets Care a Good Investment

Pet businesses are growing, they are part of our families becoming a simple company. However, for different reasons, many pet owners are in  the need to leave their pets in a nursery, whether by a temporary illness, a trip where they may not take it, also because they could puppies and spend much time alone among other reasons.  

How does it works: It is necessary to have a broad space to operate on the basis of the number of pets. We can operate from home preparing the space for them. So we must have: an area for sleeping, eating and drinking their food, an area where we can get them to make their needs and recreation.

Possible costs: Conditioning of the place, buy beds, crates, food, safety straps cups, food for pets, cleaning products, pet toys, decoration of the place, permits and business promotion.  

Problems that may appear: You must have an insurance, since the behaviour of pets can get out of control and could be altered by the presence of other animals or people, although of course, we must be aware of the care throughout the time remaining in our care nursery.  

Tips: Many nurseries able to be a very welcoming places where they offer entertainment for pets and everything needed. Activities include: game with balls, activities pool, cleaning hair and feet, massage, among others. Keep in mind these activities for when your business starts to grow. If you want to learn more about this business, read here: assemble a pet daycare

Purchase and Sale of School Supplies

For the back to school, the parents of school students and college students need to buy another important amount of school supplies, but why not to sell what is no longer used to purchase other temporary items at best price in one buying and selling?

How does it works: In a small room with shelves and cabinets, there will be on sale all kinds of school articles, such as: books, notebooks, blocks of different types of paper, scissors, colors, rules, calculators, proofreaders, notebooks, folders and so on,  that are in good condition and that can be used again. You can start getting articles in your home and nearby people that already do not use them. Possible costs: Purchase or rent of the premises, refurbishment of the space, the decor of the place, buy items for back to school, shelves, setting up the items and business promotion.

Possible disadvantages that might occur: Take a careful  look at the status and conditions of each of the elements that you are going to buy and to sell since it is possible that many people show a little reluctant to acquire second hand items and this is strengthened with elements in poor condition.  

Key: This is not only a profitable business but a new opportunity for this type of articles that also contributes to the environment, therefore, it is suitable that you expose the reasons why you should buy products to your customers and how this generate positive effects for their pockets and the planet. Learn more here: purchase and sale of school supplies

Pillows and Mattresses in Local Sale

Increasingly more people understand the importance of changing mattress each time, so they must choose a mattress and a pillow that go according to their needs. Based on this need, we can open a place that offers such products in different formats.

How does it works: With the opening of a place, which should not be very large or very small, we started our business selling pillows and mattresses with good quality items by contacting suppliers in this market. We will put it in a visible area and with high pedestrian flow.  

Possible costs: Rent of the premises, purchase of pillows and mattresses from quality, the local purchase office supplies, costs of basic services, payment for staff and business promotion.

Problems that may occur: The delivery of this type of articles implies having at our disposal a small truck that can transport the product to the home of the client, by what,  part of the investment can be aimed at the rental of transport service.  

Tips: Contact the best suppliers in the market and maintain a good relationship with them, since it depends on products, discounts and alliances that you can successfully perform with them. Try to have a space that easily enter vehicles for transportation. More information of this business at the following link: open a store of pillows and mattresses

Books Rental Business

This is a type of business mainly focused to College and university students, but also to the general public, since sometimes it is requested to read specific or exclusive books which can be costly or are not  easily accessible, so it we offer a simple and cost-effective possibility.  

How does it works: In a small shop, install the business where we will have a series of literary classical and educational books to put on rent. Initially we can buy them from nearby people who have books with interesting content for the education sector or go to a book fair to get them at best prices.

Possible costs: Rental and refurbishment of the premises, book shelves, copier if you offer this service, office supplies and paper to keep records of rental books, place decoration and business promotion.  

Problems that may occur: To obtain profitability with this type of business you need to have a good network of contacts who want to sell their books and students that you can get access to them, you need to promote your business with great force to start to gain profitability.  

Tips: Before giving a book it is suitable to find out what books are being required by the students and which books are of greatest interest to the public in general, in this way you will make a list of the books that might have higher profitability. Offer the option of photocopied books when these people require it and learn more about this option of business here: open a local rental books

Open a Law Firm, Profitable Business Idea

You just finish your career, or are about to finish it or left it abandoned, now what? It’s time to make it, so, a law firm might be the idea you were looking for. You have the option to log on to society or to start yourself with this background that currently career offers with  many areas of participation.  

How does it works: With our registered business name, we will settle in a place to work, looking for a visible area and preferably close to buildings like courts and others. There will work our firm.  

Possible costs: Purchase or rental of the premises, employees for the staff, tools of legislation and jurisprudence, telephone services, office supplies, office furniture, waiting chairs, decoration of the premises, promotion and advertising of the business.

Difficulties that may arise: Given that possibly you will not find all your customers on a single block, at least not from regularly, it is necessary that you emphasize the advertising and promotion of the business so that it reaches greater scope, otherwise we could face losses.  

Key: You must have a web presence if you want to reach a wider range of public and potential clients, so it is necessary that you have your own website and presence on social networks to promote your business. Look at the step by step of this business here: assemble your own law firm

Car Washing Business

Among the list of business related to cars, washing centre is one of the most profitable due to the high frequency with which you may receive to your customers if you stand in a very visible area and offer a quick car wash focused primarily on people who need it urgently without lowering the quality of the service.  

How does it work: In a local place that allows the entry of one or two vehicles, you will have all the equipment and instruments necessary to wash cars. Some of these are: foam machines, machine washing rugs, gloves Microfiber, chemicals, machine of sealed, toilet supplies, pressure washers for cars, hoses, among others.

Possible costs: Purchase or rental of the place, parking zone, purchase of machines for washing and supplies, clothing, personnel payment, legal permits, promotion and business decor.

Problems that may occur: If you do not stand in an area with high visibility of people in vehicles, it is likely to have very few arrivals of customers, so the investment losses can be very high.  

Key: You are starting with a relatively small place, so do not worry to increase the capacity of the  car wash at the beginning, but retain your customers and maintain a registry and even a schedule for the washing of cars of people close you’ll see how you’ll grow slowly. Visit the full article here: car wash center

Shoes Factory and Marketing

Shoes are one of the basic items that we all people use every day, so the market has proposed a wide range of special designs for various activities. Since the profitability is high, Why not manufacture our own line of shoes?  

How does it work: Once you have chosen the type of shoes that want to manufacture, choose a name and register the company, we will begin to design footwear and produce our own line of shoes. We can start in an area of the house or you rent a small shop for production where the noise will not disturb others.

Possible costs: Purchase of production (fabrics, soles, laces, zippers, and so on) material, machines nailer of heels, boots campaign machine, sealants and other depending on the type of shoes, chairs, tables, packaging material (for orders), refurbishment of the premises and business promotion.  

Difficulties that may arise: If you do not have experience in the business, or at least don’t have the necessary advice, you could waste part of the material and investment.  

Key: You must learn about the methods, techniques and processes that follow from the purchase of the material until the moment of selling them, therefore, otherwise do not guarantee the quality of the work. Even if you have staff, you should know your business. For more information, go to the full steps here: start a shoe store

Leisure and Tourism Business

If what you like is tourism, hiking, extreme sports and enterprise outdoor activities in general, this may be the business for you. With the necessary investment you can even leave everything at the hands of your staff, been you who coordinate activities and supervise each person in charge to keep everything in order.

How does it work: Install an office in a small shop in the market to reach your customers. If you are near a tourist area, where there are lots of nature, perhaps a lake or river and all such places that are appreciated by tourists, you can take advantage of the been used legally to open your leisure and tourism company, with qualified personnel to each area.

Possible costs: Operating public permits, record company, security, payment of personnel certifications, equipment buys according to the activities that are going to offer, rent of premises for an office, tables, chairs, decoration of the premises and business promotion.  

Problems that may occur: Some public parks may have requirements too high for access as an entrepreneur to use them for business, as well as the procedures to obtain operating permits may be delayed.  

Tips: Before choosing several services and tourist activities, focus on work in one or two initially to gain experience and attract the largest possible customers, especially of the most attractive activities. To learn more about this business, go here: open a travel agency.