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Profitable Business Ideas to Invest  from 200 up to 800 EUR USD

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Start Business Investing from $200 up to $800 USD

Although it is possible to undertake certain types of business without investment, we also find other business ideas that we can invest. So if you have a capital ranging from $200 to $500 USD, intended to invest, you must review the ideas of business that we have for you with these conditions.

Investment in Financial Speculation

With this amount of capital we can make cost-effective investments in binary options, one of the best speculative trades in which predictions, strategies and operations will be the key for winning in every participation.

How does it work: As an investor you are going to purchase an option with a value applied, in which you must predict whether its final placement ends in Call or Put, in other words, if you will be above or below the value at the time of purchase. If the advertised condition is met, the buyer will receive the agreed sum.

Possible costs: Minimal costs to participate between $100 and $250 USD, payment account in trading and investment level.

Problems that may arise: It is extremely important that the operator will see that the level of risk in this type of investment is real and substantial, although the profits can be extremely high.

Keys: It is recommended using the account free demo that allows you to implement strategies without having to put cash at risk, as well as we recommend the use of free resources that can train you and learn as an investor. To learn  more about this business, follows the full article here: Investing in binary options.

Business Cards and Invitations Printing

Surely you have received invitations for any event such as marriage, birthday parties, baby showers, first communions, and so on, but have you ever considered it as a business idea? If you have design skills (if you want to develop them) or simply want to dedicate yourself to the printing of the cards, consider this business idea:

How does it work: You can either design and develop cards or only print designs that are brought by your customers, although we recommend to consider the first option, especially if you have talent to create and you can provide unique designs to the public . You can set up this business at home and sell cards online with shipping, for example.

Possible costs: Material for cards: paper and cardboard of different materials, textures and colors, cardboard for recycling, writing material, purchase of printer’s ink, supplies and decoration: lace, flowers, leaves, paper colors, and so on,  refurbishment of the area and business promotion.   

Problems that may occur: One of the problems could be not to offer unique, original, and creative designs  for customers who already know the stock cards and invitations designs, especially if a store events gets in touch with you.

Keys: Build a portfolio with the best cards that you have made, which will be your presentation before your clients, do not forget to work steadily in advertising your business and presence on the web, as well as other tips you’ll see here: Business of card printing.

Bicycle Rolling Message Business

Packages generated by shopping online shipments or shipment of products from one place to another, makes the messaging services move constantly, this without counting the significant growth that the bike has had in recent years. These two options together can give way to an idea of business with high opportunities.

How does it works: With a bicycle in good format and quality, it will be possible to start with the bicycle messenger service. You can do so on an informal basis among people or you can offer your services to a company’s messaging or business that requires it. You can make use or not of a uniform and you must have a card or card certifying you as a service provider, because in many areas is required by institutions of control and security.

Possible costs: Two to three bikes, equipment for storing packages, protection of staff, permits, maintenance and revision of the bikes and business promotion. Possible difficulties: Bicycles of bad quality or that they do not have the required performance characteristics can be a bad choice and generate delays in shipment, which affects on your prestige as courier service.

Tips: You must remain in search of potential customers, promote your business and have all points into consideration that we show you in the next section: Business as a Messenger on bike.

Cleaning Cars at Home Business

Increasingly people who acquire a car as a means of transportation, also increases the public for those engaged in technical and state maintenance. In addition, services or selling products to homes are more profitable, because today we  want that all we request and ask come to the door of our house, which increases the chances of this idea as a profitable business.

How does it work: Offer the cleaning service of cars to the place where the owner is or who require maintenance. We are going to allocate part of the investment in the acquisition of basic elements for cleaning, such as toilet utensils with specialized products for the cleaning of cars. In addition to this you must acquire special garments for your protection and work implements.

Possible costs: industrial cleaning equipment, industrial vacuum cleaner, polishing, protecting staff, Microfiber gloves, buckets, touch-up scratches, brush, upholstery, cleaning cloths, soaps for cars, polishing, touch up paint, travel and promotion.

Possible drawbacks: The quality of the work can be seen in the same quality of the products we use, as well as care and other basics that we need to take into account to specialize in the cleaning of cars. So you can find different resources.

Counselling: Training and awareness are a key element in the process of selling the service, but keep in mind that you don’t need to enter a specialized course or something like that, but that you can use different even free channels for this, which you will see in the following link along with much more information: Start a car wash business

Business Meal, Tacos and Enchiladas

While the food sector is from by far a profitable area, even more are posts of tacos and enchiladas, as they are sold very well almost in all over the world, so it is common to see this type of business always full. Remember that you have the possibility to start this business yourself or hire someone to be responsible for it.

How does it work: Once we have studied the market and analysed the potential of the area from our position, we will then put it up and we will settle it, so will soon begin to get customers. Over time you can vary your products even more and do business with any beverage retailer to acquire them as a side dish.

Possible costs: Purchase and acquisition of the post of tacos, ingredients for meals, packing, napkins, condiments, sauces, utensils for consumption, personal protection, cleaning, cash register, kitchenware products material handling of food, notices, publicity for the business and operating permits.

Problems that may occur: The use of public space is an issue that you should take into account, as in case of not having a license to operate easily the authorities may punish you or clearly ask to leave the area you use.

Recommendation: Having a permission of operation in a public area is required, unless you go to a private, as for example in the door of your House or a small space that you occupy in the front any neighboring house which you have rent it. Other aspects that you will see here will be of great help for you in this process: Open a post of tacos and enchiladas.

Selling Clothes on the Internet

Selling clothes online is one of the businesses with a greater tendency nowadays, so with an investment of these is possible acquire various products to suppliers of garments you would like to sell to customers either by social networks, or your web site.

How does it works: You have the option of purchase  garments to store products or allow it to be the same supplier who is responsible for shipping the product to customers who get it. You can sell any type of garments.

Possible costs: Purchase of garments of clothing to the wholesale, packaging, participation on the web (social networks and/or creation of the website of sale advertising) and product promotion.

Possible problems: Products without stock, problems with the shipping of the product and non-compliance with the term with the supplier.

Tips: The search of the supplier must be done through an in-depth looking to find out the essential data that we tell you in this section and much more of what you need to know to sell clothes online: Selling clothes online.

Business Exchange and Sale of Antiques

By far, antiquities have been one of the most attractive and valuable, especially for those who are dedicated to collect them, and in this sense, for those who sell them. There are a lot of ways that we can take with ancient objects, and devote ourselves to one area in particular, for example musical objects, elements of caricature, and so on.

How does it works: You will destinate part of your investment to the search and purchase of antique objects of collection, whether in selling second-hand items, local sale of antiques, and so on. You may find some of them to exchange or sale directly.

Possible costs: Search of collection and antique articles, promoting business and shelves for the organizing of the elements.

Possible obstacles: The purchase and the price of antiques are usually high and expensive, but with time you will see that all this depends on the age of the article, the importance of this and the conditions in which it is found. In addition to this, you can not find antiques buyers everywhere.

Final recommendation: it is important to analyze the best strategies of sale with this type of articles to sell to potential customers of this business, therefore it is an important key that you know the main channels to which you must handle, which you will see in the next section: Antiques for sale.

Retail  Sale on the Internet

Internet sales are one of the biggest trends the market is taken. One of the main advantages is that we can sell almost any article or product using digital tools that have at our disposal to make them known to the public.

How does it works: With the choice of a product initially, that you can buy to the wholesale to sell toretail by contacting a supplier, we are going to sell online, either using dropshipping (without buying the product until the customer requests it) or by using a marketplace (sales platform) and even creating your own online store.

Possible costs: Depending on the mode you choose: dropshipping: Little capital money, marketplace: purchase, subscription and advertising, online shop: purchase, online store creation, payment tools and business advertising.

Possible difficulties: If we do not work in our business online advertising with the potential tools (social networks, forums, communities, related sites, and so on.), will not return in the business.

Tips: Before choosing the product to be relisted, you should make a market analysis to assess the profitability and demand, also, keep in mind that should be a product which sector is to your liking and call your attention to devote yourself to sell it. Learn more about the options online sales.

Business of Ecological-Organic Fruit and Vegetables at Home

The demand for this type of agricultural products is certainly high and offers a wide variety of organic and healthy foods that are required either by individuals or shops. This is a way to help customers with a type of nutritious products in case of having any limitations to prevent them from moving or who simply wish to receive the product in their homes.

How does it works: You can go to large markets for organic fruit and vegetables to acquire to the wholesale products at a much cheaper price or contact a producer directly if it is within your means. The means of displacement, as a small cart, is advisable so you can bring products to your customers. Also, it is recommended  to carry a record and schedule of orders.

Possible costs: Acquisition of carts in market in different sizes and formats for the transport of food, posting orders office supplies, data telephone, products and address card payments, clothing for staff and promotion and advertising business. Obstacles that may appear: For large and quickly customers reach, it is possible that very soon you should invest in a means of transport, such as a car or similar to get around more easily, which would be a much bigger investment.

Tips: Present your customers the advantages and benefits of consuming this type of organic and healthy products every day. Also considered the idea of adding easy, delicious and healthy recipes of interested developing, for example, recipes using the quantity of order. To see more about this business, it continues here: Open a store of fruits and vegetables.

Production and Sale of Desserts at Home or in a Place

There is a wide variety of desserts and they certainly are one of the most desired snacks, especially when we talk about the homemade desserts, because each set is the love and affection that print each producer. In this sense, for the sale of desserts you have an endless media and possible alternatives that you can see in this full article of this business idea.

How does it work: You’re going to devote to the development and commercialization of homemade desserts that you prepare, so the initial investment will be aimed at the ingredients that you will need and with it, all appliances and utensils needed for its preparation. Subject to the amount of investment, product can be sent to clients at their place of residence without the need of having a physical location.

Possible costs: Mixer of ingredients, sleeve pastry, brushes, moulds of different types and sizes, tile, scales, cups measuring, roller, paper baking, sheets of silicone, oven, ingredients of desserts, colanders, spatulas, fondue, reamers, mortar, processor of food, tables, knives, portable thermometer, syringes, decoration, Blender, press products, utensils, protection for personnel and advertising.

Problems that may occur: The major brands. Many people prefer to buy desserts from their favorite brands and the best known, so little publicity, easily and tasting, you will have little chance of competing with them in the initial stage.

Final Recommendation: Make desserts with different flavors, shapes and sizes, will be a good strategy to increase your sales and offer variety to each of your potential customers. In addition, there are other points which ultimately you have to look to increase the profitability of this business, as the desserts have a great chance, so to get them just click here: Launch a line of desserts.

Soccer classes outdoors for children

The sports field is a market in constant motion, adults are looking to maintain  healthy for them, and also are concerned about the health of their children, who are sent by their enrolled in sports in order to practice any activity that is of their interest, especially and more often to the schools of football, being one of the most attractive sports. Therefore, if you have knowledge in the area, you should consider this type of business.

How does it works: After placing a Park Court in which we can provide classes, proceed to meet the parents of the children, who are the main customers to start giving classes in the area. You will establish a schedule according to availability and groups of children to organize. You will be charging a monthly fee or rate per class per child.

Possible costs: Supplies for sport: soccer balls, nets for courts, Dickies, hoops for training, cones, sports bag, flags, permissions, mini tennis, football training accessories, gloves for goalkeeper,  promotion and advertising for the business.

Obstacles that may appear: The teacher must have full knowledge of the area, as well as accidents and care of the body in the sport for children. Get an area with space and availability can be a tedious process without permission and use agreements.

Tips: Many children can withdraw quickly from sport if they see that they are apparently not good for this, it is very important that you develop ties with each child to motivate and carry it forward with the process, as well as other aspects that you will see in the following link: Classes Soccer for kids.

Production of Melanin Furniture a Successful Business

Constantly and in different fields, people carry out improvements, renovations and arrangements where this type of material is used for the realization of furniture. One of the main advantages of this type of business, is that its management is very simple, besides many furniture is possible to be created with this material.

How does it works: To start with this type of business, it will be necessary to first acquire melamine plates, have the design of the furniture that will make ready and subsequently apply for a carpentry to cut plates according to the measurements you need. Based on the plans, then only you will have to accommodate and screw them at home.

Possible costs: Tools: sheets of melamine in different sizes and colors, screwdriver, drill, drill bits, woodworking, rubber, measuring tape, cutter wooden mallet, brackets tips for driving, wood, tape measure, strainer, router, punch, plating, cleaning products, fixing bracket, hinges, protection of staff and advertising.

Possible disadvantages: Especially if you do not accounts with experience in this type of process, which is likely, at first  if you do not make design and take very well the measurements in each area for necessary melamine, it is possible to see much material wasted, which we don’t want.

Tips: Focus on designs, new trends in the field of furniture, but do not forget to be innovative in each piece. And for more information about this type of business, press click here: Business of making and selling melamine furniture.

Invest Money in the Stock Market

The stock market is an area to which more and more participants joined to put to work and increase their capital from an investment, gains that are possible to obtain operating there, are very productive and attractive. However, it is necessary to have a broad knowledge in its operation before.

How does it works: By contacting a House of values and knowing the conditions that we face on the basis of the investment capital, will invest in an income variable or fixed, short or long term according to the option selected investment (companies, silver, gold, and so on), which is able to generate a quote.

Possible costs: Minimum rate of investment established by the broker, costs of transaction, opening of account and general investment capital money.

Problems that can occur: The level of risk is high, so it is recommended that investment of choice as a broker, be only the amount that you are willing to lose, do not need also you should not  put all your money into play.

Tips: Diversification is one of the best kept secrets of the best operators in the bag, since this way the risks of loss are greatly reduced so do not invest all the money in a single option. Remember that you must know more before, so keep reading here: How to invest in stock market.

Earn Money by Opening a School Dance at Home

If you have a large space and have expertise in any genre dance, you could be making money from your own every teaching of dance on the genre that you like and that most have knowledge. Physical activity and entertainment is an area that grows every day, so no doubt is a business that you should consider.

How does it work: You’ll have to put an area you have at home and remove anything that may obstruct the passage so that people who take classes can easily scroll through the place. I recommend adding mirrors on the walls, have mats for exercises and stretching, and a household of sound where starts the music with which go to dance.

Possible costs: Conditioning of the place: arrangement of walls, floors (synthetic or rubber for dance floor) and purchase of mirrors, placement preferably full body, mats, dance clothing and accessories (if you want to sell them), appliance of sound, material for preparation and promotion of the business.

Possible disadvantages: Prevents over do with the prices for each of your clients, because many entrepreneurs make the mistake initially asking high prices for their classes. But while we must set fair prices, it is necessary to draw attention and attract customers, start with low prices that can be comfortably accessed.

Keys: One of the main points that you should keep in mind is that you must maintain a highly organized schedule for the classes and services you offer. This, especially if you’re going to go to people with different ages and for whom you make different dance genres, for example. So organize people by ages and categories, this will facilitate the process. To learn how to promote and advertise this business, read the full section here: Assemble a school dance.

Sale and Manufacture of Pants for Women

One of the most used by women of different ages are pants, especially jeans, always combined with other clothing and take out them of troubles at any time. For this reason, if you have design skills and would like to start creating their own business focused on this sector, the making of pants should be an option for you.

How does it works: What we will do will be to find a workshop with which we can work. You will be a recognised brand pants, about which you would like to make an adjustment or change in the design and look to create them as you like. Then you have to find businesses that may be interested in selling your product.  

Possible costs: production of trousers to the wholesale, payment to the staff of the shop, shipping and labelling of the product, packaging and advertising of business.

Possible obstacles: one of the main problems that tend to have this type of business is directly linked with the tailoring workshops, since is usually requested an external workshop article production, leading to possible delays in the clothing which have consequences on our operations.

Keys: Regarding the above situation, the growth of the business will allow you to have your own shop. On the other hand, we recommend being very new regarding the production of garments, to make a difference with innovative and different clothes wishing your clients bring in your body. You can read is complete article here: production and sale of pants for women.

Create a Good News, Profitable Ideas Journal

Every day when you turn on the television, opened a magazine or read a newspaper, are a lot of bad news with which sometimes, you wouldn’t like to be confronted. But how about proposing a  journal  that tells us daily good news? We would be talking about a newspaper that could enhance the harmony of the people by showing them positive events of interest.

How does it works: You have to meet the sources of content that you are going to publish, create based on that news, print on the daily after having designed how you want it to look and start distributing them in the area in which you are working. Make sure you have a plain simple paper used for this type of situation and that it is very comfortable to work with.

Possible costs: Journal paper, buying a printer or cost for printing at a local printing, personal sharing, review by editors or publishers, tools pay for the design and dissemination of the newspaper.

Possible problems: You have to count with the help of writers and editors who contribute to the content so what you post is well-written and presented to readers, this is to avoid problems of reading comprehension and failures that might be reflected in the disrepute that could suffer the journal of good news.

Keys: The secret to this type of business is to stay updated, so you should be aware of what happen in the area to report it and tell it, because you’re not going to want to stay out of ideas for the next good news. You can find more tips and steps to the process at the following link: Print a newspaper of good news.

Cart of Empanadas and Arepas

The empanadas and arepas are one of foodstuffs that like most to the public, because the truth is that it is well eaten at any time, whether for breakfast, lunch, after a day of work, and so on. So, if you like the kitchen and especially the preparation of such products, or you plan to hire someone to be responsible for this, then a cart of empanadas and arepas could be a business idea you’re looking for.

How does it work: looking for a cart for this type of food and an area in which we can sell without problems, although, if we have a close, own space and location, we can avoid us this, especially if you have a space so at home. In it, we will sell the products we are going to prepare for the public and with different fillings and formats, it is to offer different flavors and combinations. You can place some chairs to make your clients feel to consume them.

Possible costs: purchase of the cart of empanadas and arepas with oven to heat the product, spatulas, packaging material for packing of products, condiments, sauces, napkins, chairs, clothing for staff, supplies of cleaning cart, utensils for making empanadas and arepas, molds, mixing, peeling potatoes, mixer, refrigerator, meat and corn, owner of empanadas, knives, ingredients to the wholesale and business promotion.

How does it works: You have to Look for a cart for this type of food and an area in which you can sell the product without problems, although, if you  have a close, own space and location, you can avoid all of this, especially if you have a space at home. In it, you will sell the products you are going to prepare for the public with different fillings and formats, also, you could offer different flavors and combinations. At the same time, you can place some chairs to make your customers  feel comfortable when consume them.

Possible costs: Purchase of the cart of empanadas and arepas with oven to heat the product, spatulas, packaging material for packing of products, condiments, sauces, napkins, chairs, clothing for staff, supplies of cleaning cart, utensils for making empanadas and arepas, molds, mixing, peeling potatoes, mixer, refrigerator, meat and corn flavor, knives, ingredients to the wholesale and business promotion.

Problems that may appear: Monthly investment can not reach to cover costs if we don’t manage money, since most of this will go to all equipment and products we need for preparation, therefore it is required to organize the money properly and avoid making greater production to demand, so star with little to begin with.

Tips: Since this type of business are very common in some areas, we have to make a difference by working in strategic plans that will allow us to capture  customers attention. Therefore, make promotions and discounts regularly to keep them. If you want to learn more about this type of business, continue reading here: Open a house of empanadas 

Sale and Rent of Season Dresses

The costumes are not only required mainly in halloween season, but it may be needed at any time of the year. One of the main advantages of this type of business is that with very good publicity, we can locate it anywhere, because for sure your neighbors will need a costume at any time.

How does it works: In an area of the house you can store all the outfits and costumes that we put at disposal of our clients. We offer costumes fitness to see them both physically and through the internet so customers can look at the products on offer from anywhere.

Possible costs: Purchase of costumes and clothing in different sizes and formats, arrangement of second hand clothes, racks and hooks for hanging of costumes, accessories, cleaning, business promotion.

Possible obstacles: The rental of clothing businesses tend to have drawbacks as clothing damage caused by customers, so it is necessary that they leave a deposit in case of damage.

Keys: The variety of costumes is one of the main factors that you must take into account so that you must have, as far as possible, a wide spacious of choice  allowing a customer to have a better chance of finding what they are looking for. For more information on this type of business, visit our full section here: Dresses, costumes and costume rental store.

Buying and Selling Used Clothing at Home

Today the sale of used clothes is one of the most profitable business because of the high consume that receives this market, since it allows the use of clothes at more affordable prices and is also friendly to the environment by appealing to a much needed activity as It is the reuse of materials. In addition, for entrepreneurs is a new business opportunity that moves significantly.

How does it works: What you will do will be to purchase used clothing from family, friends, neighbours, nearby people, other local used clothing that you can buy at low price to the wholesale and sell it at home, through a web site or on social networks that are channels of constant movement where such articles are offered.

Possible costs: Purchase of clothing items that you will be selling after, packaging material, transport and travel, shelves to keep them in good condition, cleaning and washing of each item for sale, advertising, social networking, sales channels, and business promotion.

Obstacles that may appear: One of the aspects for that used items purchase has not reached enough boom, is the distrust by the provenance, that many people have towards used clothes, so you have to work in secure and ensure its quality and features.

Tips: Cleaning these items must be one of your top priorities, since they come from different conditions and situations, which must follow a series of processes to be able to be sold. How to find customers and how to grow this business, is what you’ll see in the following section with this business full article: Open a used clothing store.

Sale of Websites and Online Shops

Today all existing businesses and for existing, have full knowledge of the need of having a web page, since it has reached the point that if a business has no web presence, could rapidly fail in their attempt to get customers for products or services. Therefore, if you have knowledge in programming, you must consider this idea. You can develop this business or hire a programmer who make it while you invest in tools, but it is important to have a knowledge of the processes there will be performing, as for example in advertising, design, development and legal aspects, among others.

How does it works: Using a text editor, a hosting service where you will store the data and content of the site and a domain that will be the address of the web site, you will begin offering our services of creation of web pages to businesses and individuals that require it, where the price varies according to the requirements of each site and customers.

Possible costs: Purchase of a hosting and domain service, payment for programmer or programmers you hire (optional), legal documentation, tools and systems for creation of web payment pages, page templates, templates for web stores, promotion and publicity for the business.

Obstacles that may appear: It is important for a  programmer to keep abreast of new tools and if possible, have contacts of people who fulfil other tasks on the website, since there are usually customers who do not have experience in the market or the sites on the Internet.

Tips: Although even though it is not a requirement of the programmers, it can be of great benefit to have expertise in areas such as the SEO for the positioning of the site, the drafting of content or layout of it, so this will allow you to expand your services and hence, your Commission. To learn more, read about this business here: Creation of web pages.

Cart of Drinks and Natural Juices as a Successful Business

With the arrival of warmer times, and even if there is not them, juices and drinks are generally one of the most consumed products, especially if we are located in an area of high flow of pedestrians. In addition, offering a catalogue of drinks, can increase our customers demand.

How does it works: Using juice cart will offer drinks to people according to the area where you locate  placing to operate. Ideally, vary between products and even offer juices, sodas, water and others, to extend offer to thirsty customers transiting through the area, which should be focused and with high pedestrian flow.

Possible costs: Purchase of juice cart for sale, Blender, health permits, shelf for beverages, products and foods for the preparation of beverages, accessories and utensils, articles of plastic, equipment cleaning, glasses, skinny or straws, apparel for staff and business promotion.

Obstacles that may appear: The location of your business is a topic that you should consider, because if you plan to use a public space (which is one of the potential places), you need to have a permission of operation in such areas.

Tips: The variety of flavors for juices and drinks that you have in your business can make a difference. Try to keep different products, as well as prepare them with lots of love and care. The rest of the article you can read it here, this is only a sample: Shop of juices and smoothies with vitamins.

Open an Ink Cartridge Refill Business

For many people it is much more profitable to get in contact with a business that offers the service of refill ink for cartridges that go directly to the market and purchased new cartridges, since these new are much more expensive  than to recharge them, and also there is a fact in addition, which is the danger and damage they pose to the environment.

How does it works: You need to buy new inks in larger sizes so that we can go to businesses, buildings, schools, universities, stationery and other business where the printers are used regularly to perform the respective content filling. We can display this type of business in a rented room or room of our house and also you can offer to  take cartridges to home.

Possible costs: Refurbishment of the space, drill manual for replacement, syringe without needle, rubber Stoppers, needle to refill ink cartridge, cartridge cleaning instruments, toner powder for recharging, refill inks, cylinders for toner, spatulas, tool uncover, product for cleaning, packing material and business promotion.

Problems that may appear: You must be aware of advertising, otherwise this type of business cannot grow, in fact none could without promotion, for cartridges recharging requires special contacts so you can start the activity, therefore without making it knowledgeable, it is likely that the service does not receive requests or interested customers.

Keys: Go directly to companies and organizations which you call to offer the service and leave your business card so you are contacted when so required. Likewise, we must not aside the other processes of physical and digital advertising that we have at hand. For more information about this activity, we invite you to read the full section at the following link: Ink cartridge refilling store.

Pest Control Equipment Business

Problems with the growth and spread of pests in agricultural production is a much more common and frequent problem than we think and although the inexperienced resolved the problem for a few moments, the pests will appear soon creating the problem again. This is why pest control with durable solutions services is needed. You can make this business your own work or hire someone to do so.

How does it works: It is very important to have special knowledge of the functioning of this activity and how should be the processes in each fumigation of areas where required, thus avoiding possible accidents of fumigation with the use of the chemicals that you are going to acquire. Then we will need to have certificates proving us as experts in the sector to acquire all the equipment and start up the business of pest control service.

Possible costs: Chemical products (insecticides, pesticides, rodenticides, repellents, thermics) dusters, sprayers, torches of UV light, thermal fogging machines, borescope, protective spritsail, manual sprayer for pigeons and birds control, controller of rodents, material for catching rodents, applicator gel, light traps, sprinklers, protection zones, protection of personal and business promotion team.

Obstacles that may appear: The entrepreneur must have the necessary knowledge about the activity, as well as the use of each chemical that is required since these tend to have certain restrictions from that must be away living beings.

Tips: It is also important that you have insurance covering for possible inconvenience in the event that your customers do not abide by the recommendations in each process, as well as the operating permits.

In the following link you can find in full information for this type of activity business plan: Start a pest control business

Sale Packages of beauty accessories

Beauty accessories are one of the most purchased items on the market, especially talking about objects. They include fields such as hair, products for the face, accessory items for the nails, body care, among other products.

How does it works: Let’s build packages of accessories of beauty according to different fields depending on the order that we have, which can be done through a web site or in person in a small room at home. You could be very creative when it comes to settle them. Contact suppliers directly to acquire products to the wholesale lowest price and thus assemble each accessory Pack.

Possible costs: Purchase of accessories of beauty in different specialties, parts of the shipment of the products (although these may be charged to the client), material packaging and preparation of each package, advertising and business promotion.

Problems that may occur: ‘Less is more’. Avoid assembling packages with all kinds of products, that although could attract much the customer it could also cause you spending more than calculated from your investment. Varies and  innovates each of them.

Tips: Distributes great products (few) in each package settle, thus care of investment and take care of other expenses. Therefore, organize different pricing packages. To learn more about this business continue readings at the following link: Sale of packages of beauty accessories

Sleep and Rest Items Selling  Business

Sleep and rest  problems are more common than we might believe, because there is a lot of people who suffer from these problems which can affect not only your performance during the day but also the health.

How does it works: Buy a series of items for resale. You can sell them in a small shop at home or by Internet. These articles are basically responsible for and provide relaxation and rest at the time of sleep. You can offer accessories for sleep for babies, children and adults alike.

Possible costs: Purchase of items from suppliers: plugs to sleep, sleep masks, bags of lavender for the eyes, orthopedic pillows, pajamas, special travel cushions, relaxing aromas, aromatic bags, among others. Also you must account for the process of packaging for shipping and delivery, promotion and publicity for the business.

Obstacles which can appear: It is important to have knowledge in this area to advise customers in each of its problems. On the other hand, if you don’t have it, it is convenient that they have a formula provided by the doctor to avoid using items that could put them at risk for complex processes.

Tips: Having a great variety of article offers you wide the possibility of increasing your income selling products from the simplest to the most complex (with the previous recommendation). Visit the full article here: Selling items for sleep.

3D Printers Rental per Hours  Business

Sometimes many people need the use of a printer to print works, documents, brochures, scanned papers, photographs, and so on, however, the use that a person gives this type of electronic elements, is not so common as to purchase one, for they may be costly to someone who will not use it continuously.

How does it works: To begin with, buy a basic  3D printers  that you can rent at home or in a small room at home. Usually this type of business customers are linked to careers such as architecture and design, so your customers will be concentrated mainly in these fields.

Possible costs: Purchase a 3D printers, supplies of printing, printers for sliding protector, payment technical review of printers, rack for storing printers and business promotion.

Problems that can occur: The mishandling of this type of equipment, inexperience or other possible cases, may cause the malfunction of the element, so it will be necessary to secure them a deal in which customers make responsible of any eventuality in which an element is damaged and has to do with a technical failure of the appliance.

Tips: It is recommended that when you have no knowledge about the operation and arrangement of the apparatus, you have to contact a technician or engineer that you can call in case of failure, at the same time, there must be revision on a regular basis. Learn more about this business here: Open21 a 3D printers rental business.

Online Sales  Custom Accessories for Mobile Phones and Tablets

The purchase of technological devices with the growing advances is a reality and a market with one of the highest yields at a general level. In addition, all accessories and items that customers could use can be customized by  them.

How does it works: You could show the items In a store online with excellent images, publish images of covers, guards and other items to decorate these devices with different colors and designs that customers can choose and indicate time of customization that is wanted with images or text.

Possible costs: Material for decoration: glitter, colored paper, gun silicone, supplies of printing, purchase of (cover or shield) attachment for customization, packaging shipping, promotion and publicity for the business.

Problems that can occur: The process of customization should be clear to the customer. For example, you could offer a form in which the customer type or choose what they want to go in the attachment (text or image), as well as the location and colors.

Recommendation: The promotion of this type of business should be your top priority, because you must have in mind that particularly the public is distributed over different areas so do not concentrated in a single place. To see the step by step of this type of business read the full article here: Sale of accessories for mobile phones and tablets

Open an Online Radio Station Business

The web sites which are not engaged in the sale of any product or service, can be highly profitable with advertising for other businesses. On the other hand, online radio allows to find a place of music for everyone and enjoy the genres that we like.

How does it works: With the creation of a website for the radio and the use of tools and systems that allow you to build the Internet radio, assemble the site where you can post advertising and there would be the sound of all your favorite genres of music. You will have to put a name and organize programmes for each section.

Possible costs: Construction of the web site (hosting, domain and creation), paid speaker or speakers, possible systems and payments, promotion and advertising of business tools.

Obstacles that may appear: Gain popularity among the public that you seek can be a slow process, as loyal listeners are hard to get if you don’t have a fixed target. Therefore, If you don’t have experience in this type of activities and business, you may want to search for  the operation of the radio online at a general level.

Tips: There are many tools you can use to manage radio broadcasts, some of them are paid and others free. Therefore, we recommend first searching the best options, in addition to first analyze the audience that you want to persuade. All this information and more will be seen in the next full article: How to open your own online radio station.

Open a Real Estate Business Idea

The real state is one of the best ideas to invest your capital money, for it has positioned itself by far as one of the most profitable options. In this case, we invite you to build your own real estate and choose the services you want to offer to set it up.

How does it work: Initially it is necessary to conduct a market study and evaluate the performance of this type of business, especially if you don’t have knowledge or training in the sector, which must not last much, because it’s key is to know it in a deep way. Once elected  the services and the name of your real estate, you must register and settle it in a small space.

Possible costs: Purchase or rental of the premises, permits and operating licences, purchase of office equipment, a computer, a desk drip (or more), chairs and tables for customers, decoration of the venue, advertising and business promotion.

Difficulties that may arise: The lack of having expertise in the sector, at least in the services and activities that we offer is a risk, since even having qualified personnel, it is necessary that we know how to run our own business and thus guarantee the quality of our services.

Keys: One of the best kept secrets of this business is the kindness and in general, the customer service that we must offer, trust and security should be part of every process. In this article you’ll also see some options, and other know how tips: Mount a successful real estate.

Counters Freelance Agency Business

This type of business consists on hiring professional accountants who work independently and offering its service over the internet using all the technological tools, so that we can hire people from different parts of the world for our online customers.

How does it works: In a web site in which we offer the services of the Agency and with stable contacts to work through it, we will work in the promotion of the page to reach potential customers who will contact us to provide a professional counter, so we receive a commission as payment of the agency and the rest of it would be for the professional who did the job.

Possible costs: Construction of the web site (design, content, and programming), advertising for the web site (SEO), payment for staff and promotion of the agency.

Problems that may appear: It is necessary to have knowledge in the area, since your customers will contact you first before receiving the counter services directly. Similarly, as an entrepreneur you must know your business and everything as it is performed.

Tips: Make sure you search for Personnel that has all the skills to offer a service of quality, for they must know their profession so everything could be in order, since it is through them that your business will grow. To learn more, visit the full article here: Assemble your own freelance agency.

Domestic cleaning business

With the daily occupations there is increasing less time to take care of household tasks, as it is the case of work, study, children, dates in family, and so on. Therefore, domestic cleaning service is one of the best options for this type of people with such a busy lives.

How does it works: A name of registered business and teams, will begin to offer our service with a personal manager to go to the different areas of cleaning, the homes  even offices and companies.

Possible costs: Payment for staff, purchase of cleaning equipment, toilet utensils, clothing for staff, legal permits and business promotion.

Conflicts that may arise: In the case of households, especially, many people fear allow entering their homes to people who are unknown, so there could be initially much insecurity and distrust toward the service you are offering.

Key: You must let know your customers you offer a professional service, get reliable and experienced staff to ensure the quality of your service. Learn more about this business here: How to start a business and domestic cleaning company.